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People Leaders Love Dextego

 Amazing software solution created by young minds to enable the younger workforce to assimilate faster, develop their soft-skills and contribute their talents to the global workplace. The design is beautifully simple and remarkably intuitive and it is definitely the future of HR tech in Learning and Development. I love how the Dextego team has incorporated the two mega trends: gamification and micro-learning in personal development powered by AI. Exciting solution to a scalable market demand

Christina Garidi, Purpose & Career Coach, TEDx Speaker

Working with the Dextego platform really showed me how impactful AI tools can be to support learners as they engage in soft skills development. I love the options to engage with the community and to do solo work with an AI helper. Dextego's commitment to accessibility and engagement shows on each and every screen. Kudos to the Dextego team! I can't wait to see the additional features to come!  

Maria Laws, Director of Learning Experience Design, Ahura AI

Discovering a tool like Dextego has been transformative, offering a powerful solution to a critical and strategic issue faced by every organization: talent development. Dextego leverages advanced AI technology to personalize the coaching experience, ensuring each employee receives tailored guidance and support. Behind this cutting-edge technology are human experts who work seamlessly in the background, enhancing the effectiveness of the AI-driven coaching .


Dextegoapp is an impressive tool that harnesses the potential of AI for continuous skills development. The interface is straightforward, the practice tasks and benchmarking are very well designed and it was immediately clear to my team that it has plenty of potential for our people's development. Additionally, the Dextego team has been very supportive and helpful to accommodate our requests. 


Improve your People's EQ

It's not about AI replacing you, but empowering you to lead like never before.

Personalized AI Coaching

  • Job Specific Challenges

    Users can practice scenario based challenges tailored to their role, industry and level of skills through adaptive learning.

  • Personalized Coaching

    Users can respond via text or video and the AI Coach will give them personalized feedback based on sentiment analysis.

  • Chat with AI Coach

    Users can ask questions regarding tough situations they face at work, such as dealing with a conflict at work, and handling client objections.

  • Daily Inspiration

    Users get daily motivation through personalized inspiration from their AI Coach to get a boost of morale and become more productive.

  • Peer to Peer Mentorship

    Users are empowered to become mentors and get matched with each other based on their level of skills. Practicing with the AI Coach is an excellent start, but implementing lessons learned with human communication is the end goal and we offer both.

  • Coachability & Skills Scoring

    Dextego's AI Coach analyzes users' soft skills and coachability score to continually adapt and help them improve. Admins can understand how coachable eployees are, as well as their strengths and areas of weakness to support them better.

  • Calibration & In-App Feedback

    Learning should be personalized, and Dextego's AI Coach is as personalized as it gets! With in-app calibration available and feedback from both users and peers, it adjusts to support the users' learning needs 24/7 and ensure their skills' development.

  • Admin Panel

    The Admin Panel allows team leaders to add, edit users and track their progress as well as the use of Dextego's AI Coach. Personal data are not shared and thus, information when it comes to challenges taken, questions asked to the Coaches are kept anonymous to protect the users.

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