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 Incredible product with a stellar team behind it, I'm particularly into the dynamic options the Dextego team has in place for different styles of rep. Recommending this. 


 I think this is one of the most helpful tools for achieving personal sales goals, as it def disciplines you to go with that professional coaching! 


As a business professional, Dextego has transformed my workflow. The AI Coach provides real-time, expert guidance, enhancing my communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. This personalized support fosters a high-performance culture within my team. Dextego’s focus on soft skills and career growth is genuinely transformative, making it indispensable for excelling in today’s dynamic work environment. 

MELVIN MALANGA, Global Expansion Advisor at Workpay

Dextego is incredible! They have a clear goal and mission. I wish I had a tooll-like Dextegoapp when doing my onboarding. I recommend that every manager implement it on their teams. It is a safe way to ensure that your new hires will be top performers quickly. 


Finally an AI Sales Coach for YOU😄

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    Trust yourself on a transformative coaching journey tailored to your needs. Welcome to the family Dexter! 🚀

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    Select your AI Coach

    Choose your AI Coach, your best friend in self-improvement. 🤖

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    Complete Personalized Challenges

    Record yourself giving answers to scenario based challenges connected to your daily tasks. Learn what you did great and get suggestions on areas of improvement. 🎯

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    Practice a Pitch

    Sharpen your pitch by engaging with Dextego's AI Coach no matter what sales methodology you follow. Make every pitch count. 📣 

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    Ask your Coach

    Whether you are negotiating a deal, feeling overwhelmed with hearing too many nos, or you want to learn how to improve your time manageement skills your AI coach is here for you. 😉

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    Get inspiration

    Sales is tough. Some days are harder than others, and these are days that inspiration can go a long way. 💪

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