What's Dextego's mission?

We believe in providing equal access to soft skills training for all to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to career growth.

Mission Statement

At Dextego, our unwavering mission is to empower individuals and organizations to develop excellent power skills, also known as soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and leadership. We firmly believe that these essential competencies are the cornerstone of success in our dynamic and intricate world. To accomplish this, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering a seamless, accessible, and cost-effective solution, fortified by the forefront of AI technology. By forging this transformative path, we strive to shape a brighter future where every individual and enterprise thrives, fostering a global community of visionary thinkers and accomplished achievers.  

The Original Dexters

Meet the team behind Dextego

  • 1679691296157
    Ioanna Mantzouridou Onasi
    CO-Founder & CEO

    Ioanna is passionate about utilizing the power of technology as a tool to help people hone their essential skills and tap into their inner brilliance. Prior to Dextego, she was the VP People and CoS at Aptivio. Young Leader Award ‘23 by Edu 2.0 Conference I Top 100 Magazine I Co-author of Ed Metadores, Reinventing Education.

  • Sean
    Sean Vazquez
    Co-Founder & CTO

    Sean believes that combining technical skills with exceptional power skills is the key to unlocking limitless career opportunities. He has experience working in startups and larger enterprises, bringing 8 years of experience as a Senior Engineer Manager at American Express.

  • Guy
    Guy Mounier
    Chairman & Investor

    Guy is a successful entrepreneur in Enterprise AI. Cumulative sales of $100M/Raised $30M for 2 B2B SaaS Startups (1 successful exit, 1 asset acquisition). He has been an angel investor in 14 startups including Datadog and invests where he sees unicorn potential.

  • 1516174498404
    Steven Morvay
    Executive Coach, INvestor & Business Advisor

    Steven is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Morvay Group. As Senior Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather Direct and President of Saatchi & Saatchi Direct North America, he was part of the teams that spearheaded many of the breakthrough programs that currently make up much of the activity in database marketing driven businesses today 

  • Sanjay subarrao
    Sanjay Subbarao
    Product Evangelist

    Sanjay has 8 Generations of Google Product Launches with over 300 Million Products in the Market under his belt and 10+ Years of Engineering and IOT. He is also a Mental Health Advocate. 

  • Lisa
    Lisa Frisca, SHRM-SCP
    Learning & Development Expert

    Lisa is a Talent & Strategy Consultant, Leadership & career coach and an accomplished Chief People Officer. She loves to empower people from underepresented backgrounds and is fighting for equity. 

  • Paul
    Paul Boudrye
    Strategic Connector

    Paul is the Director of Applied Ideation at Success Genome Institute, holds Advisory positions in many boards including Project 8p Foundation, Verif-y Solutions and FlowPartner LLC. He is a serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits. 

  • 1649715628118
    Shannon Plumb
    GTM Advisor

     With over twenty years of experience in Go-To-Market strategy and execution across Sales, Partnership, and Customer Success in various technology sectors including FinTech, MarTech, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Shannon has developed a philosophy emphasizing authentic connection and value-driven solutions.

  • 1687449330703
    Joe Fontana
    GTM Advisor

    Joe has spent the better part of 25 years building and transforming sales teams of all sizes regardless of industry, solution, demographic or sales cycle. Utilizing a "different strokes for different folks" approach Joe has built a career ensuring that every individual he works with is able to take advantage of their unique capabilities when building their respective skill sets. Joe has built sales teams for companies like Apple, Nissan Motors, and The Boston Group.

  • 1687557544316
    Stephanie Valenti
    GTM Advisor

    With over 15 years of experience in B2B sales and operations, Stephanie Valenti is a 3x Executive operator across multiple industries. Most recently, Stephanie was Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media, a 7x Inc 5000 winner and an Elite HubSpot Partner. She led the sales, marketing, and client services and delivery departments, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and growth across the revenue teams through services and SaaS solutions.

  • Liheadshot
    Miles Kane
    Marketplace Strategic Advisor & Investor

     Miles Kane is a GTM expert who partners with founders to scale their startups into something special. Currently serves as VP Sales @ Tenderly, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform. Previously helped build, scale and sell three SaaS startups for a combined enterprise exit value of $2B. 

  • 1 1 bill brown hirez
    Bill Brown
    GTM Advisor

    Bill’s entire career has been crafting and refining sales strategy and process for a diverse range of companies, from scrappy startups to Fortune 500 giants. He has spearheaded all aspects of leadership across strategic sales, partnerships, and client management. Recently, he was the SVP Americas at Jugo.

  • Dr
    Dr. Veldsman, PhD
    Academic Advisor

    Dr. Veldsman is an organizational psychologist with 15+ years of experience across the HR value chain and lifecycle, having worked for and consulted with various organizations in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. He is a Chief HR Scientist at AIHR.

  • 1685929198550
    Dr. Jiani Wu
    Investor & Academic Advisor

    Dr. Jiani Wu is an evidence-based explorer and MAGICademy podcaster searching for a new form of leadership toward a flourishing future. She is adventuring multidisciplinary across neuroarts, learning science, emerging technologies, and leadership to activate childlike wonders to transcend perception & culture and expedite skill development.  

  • Daniel
    Daniel Chen
    Full-stack Software Developer

    Daniel is a Junior at The City College of New York studying Computer Science. He is passionate about utilizing Generative AI to create cutting-edge applications. With experience in 15 hackathons, he has won 6, notably at prestigious schools like Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, and Rutgers.

  • 1714001825329
    Anja Simić
    Full-stack Software Developer

     Anja is a senior at St. Lawrence University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. On campus, she observes several roles – Student Technician for the IT Department, Student Mentor for the Quantitative Resource Center, and Computer Science Intern for Nature Up North. Previously she has also interned at Lovell Minnick Partners. Anja is passionate about Web Programming, AI, and the ethical issues the tech world faces. 

What we believe in

Human-Centric AI

We advocate for AI that is human-centric, designed to enhance human experiences and interactions, not replace them, emphasizing the importance of human qualities.

Diverse Perspectives Drive Innovation

We believe that diverse perspectives, cultivated through strong human skills, drive innovation and enable us to solve complex challenges in creative ways.

Human Resilience

In the face of automation and AI, we place value on human resilience, the ability to adapt, learn, and grow, as the cornerstone of future success.

A Human-Centered Future

We envision a future where AI serves humanity, and our investment in building people's human skills ensures that we remain at the forefront of progress, driving positive change in society