What is Dextego about?

We aim for democratized access to soft skills training for a world with more high performers.

Mission Statement

At Dextego, our unwavering mission is to empower individuals and organizations to develop excellent power skills, also known as soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and leadership. We firmly believe that these essential competencies are the cornerstone of success in our dynamic and intricate world. To accomplish this, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering a seamless, accessible, and cost-effective solution, fortified by the forefront of AI technology. By forging this transformative path, we strive to shape a brighter future where every individual and enterprise thrives, fostering a global community of visionary thinkers and accomplished achievers.  

The Original Dexters

Meet the team behind Dextego

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    Ioanna Mantzouridou Onasi
    CO-Founder & CEO

    Ioanna is passionate about utilizing the power of technology as a tool to help people hone their essential skills and tap into their inner brilliance. Young Leader Award ‘23 by Edu 2.0 Conference I Top 100 Magazine I Co-author of Ed Metadores, Reinventing Education

  • Sean
    Sean Vazquez
    Co-Founder & CTO

    Sean believes that combining technical skills with exceptional power skills is the key to unlocking limitless career opportunities. What truly inspires him is the potential for Dextego's technology to make a profound impact at scale. 

  • Guy
    Guy Mounier
    Chairman & Investor

    Guy is a successful entrepreneur in Enterprise AI. Cumulative sales of $100M/Raised $30M for 2 B2B SaaS Startups (1 successful exit, 1 asset acquisition). He has been an angel investor in 14 startups including Datadog and invests where he sees unicorn potential.

  • Eva
    Dr. Agapaki, PhD
    AI & NLP Expert

    Eva has 8+ years experience as a founder and product leader in machine learning and AI across large corporations like AVEVA and PTC. Eva recently founded Hatch Labs to redefine the way products are built and shape the next Big Tech companies for the decades to come.

  • Dr
    Dr. Veldsman, PhD
    Chief HR Scientist

    Dr. Veldsman is an organizational psychologist with 15+ years of experience across the HR value chain and lifecycle, having worked for and consulted with various organizations in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

  • Lauree
    Lauree Ostrofsky
    Community Building Strategist

    Lauree is a speaker, author, coach, and communications consultant with clients including IBM, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and the Girl Scouts of the USA. She's also the founder of Hudson Valley Women in Business.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Frisca, SHRM-SCP
    Learning & Development Expert

    Lisa is a Talent & Strategy Consultant, Leadership & career coach and an accomplished Chief People Officer. She loves to empower people from underepresented backgrounds and is fighting for equity. 

  • Melanie diaz
    Melanie Diaz
    Brand Strategist

    Melanie believes that soft skills are key to storytelling and creating high-converting brand strategies. She has a growth mindset and loves creating content that educates, entertains and makes people feel happy.

  • Sanjay subarrao
    Sanjay Subbarao
    Product Evangelist

    Sanjay has 8 Generations of Google Product Launches with over 300 Million Products in the Market under his belt and 10+ Years of Engineering and IOT. He is also a Mental Health Advocate. 

  • Sarah
    Sarah Romanko
    Focus Group Lead Recruiter & Member

    Sarah has been a Venture Fellow, Venture Intern, Venture Analyst, Venture Capital Associate, and VC Advisor. She is one of the OG Dexters and helped recruit our first focus group.

  • Taylor
    Taylor Peracchio
    Fractional COO

    Taylor is an excellent team player and is bringing a plethora of experieces to the team from workign as a Senior Strategy Consultant with Mason Harriman Group and a Business Data Analyst at Fiserv. 

  • Paul
    Paul Boudrye
    Strategic Connector

    Paul is the Director of Applied Ideation at Success Genome Institute, holds Advisory positions in many boards including Project 8p Foundation, Verif-y Solutions and FlowPartner LLC. He is a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits. 

Our Values

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    Social Impact & Community

    We put Dexters at the center of everything we do, ensuring that our AI coaching solution is aligned with their needs and exceed their expectations. We are constantly trying to democratize access to soft skills to help them succeed!
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    Growth mindset

    We embrace a growth mindset that encourages continuous learning, personal development, and agility in responding to changing market demands.
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    Diversity, equity & Inclusion

    We support DE&I, creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture that values differences and promotes respect, and fairness. Our CEO is an immigrant, as most of our employees, vendors and partners!
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    We encourage innovation and creativity in developing new features, and methodologies that meet customers' evolving needs, while paving the way for AI in L&D.

We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is a more productive and successful workplace. We are committed to doing our part to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected. 

How we do this? 

  • Implementing Inclusive Hiring Practices: We actively seek diversity in our hiring process, ensuring equal opportunities for candidates from all backgrounds. By building a diverse workforce, we enrich our perspectives and better reflect the communities we serve. 
  •  Collaborating with Diverse Partners: We actively seek collaborations with diverse suppliers, vendors, and community organizations. This way, we extend our commitment to DEI beyond our workplace and into the broader ecosystem. 
  •  Advocacy and Social Impact: We engage in advocacy efforts and support causes that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in society. By leveraging our platform, we aim to drive positive change and inspire others to do the same. 
  •  Cultivate a safe space for open dialogue and shared experiences among all our stakeholders.