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Alexander Salas is an eLearning designer with 15+ years of experience specializing in the blend of learning technologies and gamification for performance outcomes. 

Dextego is unlike a majority of sales coaching platforms I've seen. It provides a realistic, gamified learning experience for sellers to increase engagement and retention. I was blown away by the efficiency of the platform!   

Amanda Long, Sales Trainer & Coach, Revenue Enablement Leader, WONOLO

Fantastic solution that provides real-time, customized feedback for sales to hone their presentation and engagement skills. Feedback can be tailored based on the audience - for example speaking with exec vs technical audiences. Dextego can be useful in preparation for other types of presentations, such as public speaking, etc. Great self-guided training tool.  

Leah Genome, Sales & GTM Executive, Ex-AMEX

Dextego has been excellent in not only providing their baseline platform, but in consuming our unique culture and vocabulary. This has enabled us to shrink our onboarding training program from 4 months to only one month. Ioanna's personal attention, insights, and recommendations have been most appreciated. 


30% shorter sales cycle by using Dextego's AI Coach

Dextego's AI Coach makes sure your playbook is followed.

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