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Alexander Salas is learning experience and eLearning designer with 15 plus years of experience specializing in the blend of learning technologies and gamification for performance outcomes. 

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Love the mission of Dextego. Would highly recommend this platform for coaching & helping others grow in their personal/professional lives. 

Megan Prince, VP Sales at Zeni, Investor, Startup Advisor

I am struck by the perfect timing for this App. I sell AI for Sales Pipeline Growth and I partnered with Dextego to complement our own product offering with soft skills development focused on better sales pitching, active listening, and adapting your communication style to the target persona.

Guy Mounier, Co-founder & CEO, Aptivio

Practice Pitching with AI

Dextego's AI Coach is unbiased, 24/7 available and will push your team to become excellent closers. How?

  • Pitch
  • Report
  • Skill summay
  • Elevate Sales Pitches

    Dextego's AI pitching feature takes your sales team's pitching skills to new heights, allowing them to practice pitching various personas, products and outcomes.

  • Data-Driven Excellence

    Dextego's proprietory sentiment analysis AI allows your team to build confidence by boosting their soft skills and gain self-awareness on their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Safe and Smart Practice

    Your team can practice pitches in a controlled and psychologically safe environment, gaining instant feedback for improvement. 

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