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Dr. Veldsman is a renown HR Scientist, OD & HR Thought Leader at the Academy Innovation Human Resources.

Users Love Dextego's AI Coach

Dextego is an inspiring platform that has guided me in setting and achieving new goals, conquering daily challenges, and creating fun team games and engaging activities. Talking to my coach, Finn has been a true highlight. The insights and guidance I've received have greatly enhanced my personal and professional growth. I highly recommend Dextego for its motivating impact and practical solutions! 

Irina Tumbovska, Digital Marketing, Aptivio

Having used Dextego for the past month so far, I'd definitely recommend it to any students or professionals who'd like to build on their skills for the workplace! Not only does it encourage us to think about how we would react in different scenarios but provides actionable feedback, suggestions and more! Not to mention the friendly characters and inspirational posts. Check it out :) 

Carlinda Lee, Product Strategist, Freelancer

In a world that is rapidly evolving and demanding the acquisition of new skills, Dextego offers an excellent learning pathway. From the moment you start your Dextego journey, you will be greeted with a seamless user interface that assures you of a smooth and engaging experience. The platform tailors its recommendations and guidance to your unique needs, offering scenario based challenges and personalized inspiration quotes! Dextego makes the learning experience both effective and enjoyable. If you are looking to take charge of your professional growth, harness your soft skills, and become the best version of yourself, I fully recommend Dextego.

Saia Demertzi, Sustainability Consultant, Deloitte

 As one of the first Dexters I couldn't be happier with the user experience and value I am getting out of the product. As an experienced designer I automatically pay attention to the user journey and the one Dextego's team crafted was smooth and seamless, keeping users engaged and motivated throughout the experience. I must say, the professionalism and reliability of the Dextego's AI Coach is unparallel to any another AI tool I have used. The personalized challenges are nothing less than spectacular, and the positive impact on my soft skills was immediate. I'm absolutely thrilled to see the product roadmap they've laid out for us, and I can't wait for our community to experience the benefits it will bring. For those considering Dextego as a potential AI Coach, I wholeheartedly recommend them! 

Darren Fanton, Founder & CEO, Screenspace

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  • 70%

    of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to succeed.

    Harvard Business Review 

  • 92%

    of US executives agree that people skills are more important than ever.

    LinkedIn US Executive Confidence Index Survey, June 2023

  • 85%

    of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills. 

    Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center  

Power Skills Development with Dextego

  • User-centric learning

    • Adaptive learning
    • Contextual feedback
  • Unique Insights

    • Coachability index
    • Skills scoring
  • Community-led

    • Peer-to-peer mentorship
    • Peer-to-peer games

I just started using this app and I love it. I really appreciate the insights I’m gaining through simple and fun prompts. What a unique way to learn skills that we don’t always realize are so valuable in the workplace (and in life)!  

Ashley Gabriel, Senior Creative Producer, Freelancer

Dextego is paving the way for soft skill development! I love that this company makes learning soft skills so accessible. Can’t wait to spread the word about this innovative platform.  

Allyna Wilson, Assistant Merchant, Women's Team, Faherty

Dextego has been a valuable resource while developing my soft skills in the venture capital industry. I've had the opportunity to ask specific questions, gain inspiration, and receive personalized feedback by completing challenges. I'm excited to be an early adopter and would definitely encourage others in any industry to try out the platform.  

Sarah Romanko, Venture Capital Associate

The Dextego AI Coach app has been a game-changer for me. Powered by AI, it's a fantastic tool for developing transferable skills. With tailored recommendations, inspiration and feedback, my virtual coach provides me with invaluable support. Another interesting feature is the scenario-based challenges push critical thinking and the AI mentor offers useful tips for developing my durable skills. I highly recommend this innovative and user-friendly app for personalized coaching and support in becoming the best version of yourself.  

Christina Dymioti, Social Entrepreneur

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