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Successful sales reps leverage relationship selling skills to close 50% more business. Dextego helps them develop these skills.

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The World's Best Performing Teams Choose Dextego

30% shorter sales cycle by using Dextego's Sales Coach

Don't let your reps practice in front of the client.

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Case Study

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Develop & Retain Top Sellers

  • 21x

    employee engagement

  • 30%

    shorter sales cycles

  • 50%

    reduction of top talent attrition 

Customer Love

Dextego's groundbreaking solution has propelled our portfolio companies to escape velocity from competition. As a seasoned GTM expert, I've never seen a tool so transformative. It's not just a game-changer; it's a game-winner. Thanks to Dextego, our companies are not just keeping up with the competition; we're soaring past them with confidence.  


 As a Dexter I couldn't be happier with the user experience and value I am getting out of the product. As an experienced designer I automatically pay attention to the user journey and the one Dextego's team crafted was smooth and seamless, keeping users engaged and motivated throughout the experience. I must say, the professionalism and reliability of the Dextego's AI Coach is unparallel to any another AI tool I have used. The personalized challenges are nothing less than spectacular, and the positive impact on my soft skills was immediate. For those considering Dextego as a potential AI Coach, I wholeheartedly recommend them

Darren Fanton, Founder & CEO, Screenspace

Revenue Leaders Swear by Dextego

Dextego helps leaders understand how coachable their employees are and develops their skills on autopilot

User-centric Learning

  • Personalized learning

    • Adaptive learning
    • Contextual feedback
  • Unique Insights

    • Coachability index
    • Skills scoring
  • Community-led

    • Peer-to-peer mentorship
    • Peer-to-peer games

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