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Revenue leaders leverage Dextego to develop their teams' communication, negotiation, presentation skills and more!

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The World's Best Performing Teams Choose Dextego

30% shorter sales cycle by using Dextego's AI Coach

Learning in the flow of work for sticky knowledge

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Develop & Retain Top Sellers

  • 21x

    employee engagement

  • 30%

    shorter sales cycles

  • 50%

    reduction of top talent attrition 

Revenue Leaders Swear by Dextego

Dextego helps leaders understand how coachable their employees are and develops their skills on autopilot

Customer Love

Dextego's groundbreaking solution has propelled our portfolio companies to escape velocity from competition. As a seasoned GTM expert, I've never seen a tool so transformative. It's not just a game-changer; it's a game-winner. Thanks to Dextego, our companies are not just keeping up with the competition; we're soaring past them with confidence.  


 As a Dexter I couldn't be happier with the user experience and value I am getting out of the product. As an experienced designer I automatically pay attention to the user journey and the one Dextego's team crafted was smooth and seamless, keeping users engaged and motivated throughout the experience. I must say, the professionalism and reliability of the Dextego's AI Coach is unparallel to any another AI tool I have used. The personalized challenges are nothing less than spectacular, and the positive impact on my soft skills was immediate. For those considering Dextego as a potential AI Coach, I wholeheartedly recommend them

Darren Fanton, Founder & CEO, Screenspace

User-centric Learning

  • Personalized learning

    • Adaptive learning
    • Contextual feedback
  • Unique Insights

    • Coachability index
    • Skills scoring
  • Community-led

    • Peer-to-peer mentorship
    • Peer-to-peer games

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