AI-Powered Talent Development: The People Scale Teams Up with Dextego for Unprecedented Growth

published on 17 January 2024

[New York, 1/16/2023] – Dextego, the pioneer in human-centric soft skills development through Artificial Intelligence, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with The People Scale, a leading talent development consultancy for early and growth stage startups. 

Leadership Transformation: Reducing Employee Attrition 

In today's business landscape, reducing employee turnover and upskilling management soft skills are paramount challenges faced by executives. The People Scale, in collaboration with Dextego, promote the AI Coach – a 24/7 solution designed to alleviate the burden associated with these challenges. 

This partnership aims to empower leadership teams, especially first-time managers, with constant access to management soft skill coaching, sucha as comunications and leadership, aligning with the long-term vision and goals of organizations. The result is a significant reduction in attrition rates and a measurable increase in team cohesion and effectiveness. Dextego not only fosters leadership development but also propels organizations towards their growth objectives, saving time and resources in the process. 

The synergy between Dextego and The People Scale is set to redefine leadership development, offering a holistic solution that combines strategic talent development consultancy with cutting-edge AI coaching. 

About Dextego 

Dextego offers a human-centric approach to developing soft skills by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and community. Using advanced artificial intelligence, Dextego provides personalized coaching, helping users to enhance their communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence. With Dextego, users can unlock their potential and achieve personal and professional goals. 

About The People Scale 

The People Scale is a renowned advocate for effective leadership and organizational development. Through strategic partnerships and endorsed solutions, The People Scale empowers organizations to achieve their vision and leadership goals. 

The People Scale is dedicated to assisting businesses in attracting and retaining top talent, recognizing that personal and professional growth is at the core of every successful enterprise. Their innovative, one-page, customizable talent strategy has proven to be a game-changer for startups seeking explosive growth. 

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